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  • Pre-Lenten Series
    Holy Family and St. Augustine
    Overcoming Our Fear and Reluctance of Living in Faith


     Talk #1 Trust: What does the Bible teach about trust? What can we learn from Abraham?       
     Fr. Sean
     Talk #2 Overcoming Fear: What does the Bible teach us about fear? What can we learn from Peter walking on water?  Fr. Joe
     Talk #3 Overcoming My Own Reluctance 
     Fr. Joe

    Monday January 16, 23 and 30
    7:00 pm Holy Family Life Center



    Pre-Lenten Talks: First Session - See what you missed!

         We had our first of a series of talks last Monday night on the topic of Trust in God.  Despite the weather concerns, around 100 people showed up for the event and Fr. Sean did a great job in talking about trust.  Using the example of Abraham, he showed how trust is based on relationship and how that relationship is strengthened by knowledge of each other which comes through prayer.
       We also talked about how that relationship is not a one way street, where we do all the serving and God does nothing.  In fact, the opposite is true.  God created a covenant with us based on a simple premise, he would be or God and we would be his people.  The result of that covenant was that God would provide for our needs, that he would take care of us in the situations of our lives and that he would never abandon us.  Our part was to make sure that we did not put anything above God.  
       It is the power of the promise and God's faithfulness that allows us to trust in the Lord.  It is not a blind trust, there is not an unknown that we are dealing with but a fully revealed covenant with examples of God's faithfulness from the past and we can see examples in the present.  We spoke about how in our tradition we have often put the secondary sources (Devotions, books by various authors on spiritual topics and so forth) above the Sacred Scriptures in the lives of many of the faithful. 

      We must give the Bible the primary of place in our lives and we must use it as a guide over the actions and decisions we make.  The other books are good as long as they align with what God has revealed in the Bible.  By trusting in God, based upon his Word and his faithfulness, we are able to move more confidently towards a faithful response to the covenant relationship that God has offered to us.  It is more than Jesus being my best friend, because that is a relationship of equals, but toward a proper relationship where God is my God and I am his faithful disciple - just like he promised.
       But is trusting enough to overcome all our fears?  Looking at Peter as our next example and the story of his walking on water, we will in our next session (Monday January 23) look at how we can find the courage to get out of the boat and walk on the waves. 

    Hope to see you there.

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