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  • St. Augustine Catholic Church

    68035 S. Main Street
    Richmond, Michigan 48062
    Phone: 586-727-5215


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  • making the case for god

    Mallia's Moments

     Be sure to follow Fr. Joe's 10 week presentation in the church bulletin as he  Makes the Case for God.     
    Click on "Mallia's Moments" above to go to the latest bulletin.  

    The series will include the following topics:
    Week 1: Is there a God?
    Week 2: What do we know about God?
    Week 3: The image of God in the Bible.
    Week 4: Who is Jesus the Christ?
    Week 5: What is the Trinity?
    Week 6: The need for salvation.
    Week 7: The role of Divine Grace.
    Week 8: The role of God in human history.
    Week 9: What are the Sacraments/Role of the                            Church.
    Week 10: Our response: A gift of self


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